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Full size 60x74cm (23,6x29inches)
Lightbox with motion senseor

taxes and shipping not included

Full size 60x74cm (23,6x29inches)
Lightbox with motion senseor

1.500,00 €

taxes and shipping not included

The Cosmos Conciousness

The idea of the “Stellarscapes” emerged a few years ago, in 2015 in my personal research to blend landscapes and beauty together.I have always found beauty in merging People with Nature and with my early “Blendscapes” series of portraits and landscapes behind me, I looked beyond the Earth this time and found inspiration in the Outer Space. However, in the process of expanding that simple idea, I realise that by looking out I was actually looking in.Finding in the cosmos, the enlightment we all carry inside ourselves.



· Full size 60x74cm (23,6”x29”).
All options have the same size.
· The artwork is printed on translucent methacrylate.
· Wood framing in black and gold.
· USB connection to an exchangeable Power Bank.

It is a completely handcrafted frame with lightbox.
The background is built with led lights that turns on with a motion sensor attached at the bottom of the framing.
As any handcrafted piece gently made, production time is slow and it is is under commission.
It will take aproximately between 30-60 days.

Contact below to order or further details.

Under Commission