Op.VIII | Canvas Edition of 50
Op.VIII | Canvas Edition of 50
Op.VIII | Canvas Edition of 50


Op.VIII | Canvas Edition of 50

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Op.VIII | Stellarscapes
Limited Edition of 50 


· Canvas size 75x50cm (29,5”x19,6”)
· Hand Signed & Numbered (Numerology will be given according to its natural order of dispatching until the end of stock)
· Photo canvases with PerfectFrame 2.5cm
· Manufactured from medium density fiberboard (MDF) and requires no additional stretching
· Made in Bavaria (Germany) with 100% ecological latex ink
· Shipping is approximately 15 days

The water based ink used to print the artwork is non-toxic and produces no harmful emissions during the printing process. In addition, it is waterproof and UV resistant, ensuring that images printed on photo canvas will maintain their bright colors for many years.

· · ·  The Cosmos Consciousness  · · ·

The idea behind “Stellarscapes” emerged a few years ago during the process of several searches to blend landscapes and humans as one together.
I have always found beauty and truth in merging People with Nature. In the older collection called “Blendscapes” I was more concerned with the surface only, mixing portraits and landscapes. The skin was the Earth.
I looked beyond that idea. Finding inspiration in outer space. A whole universe there staring at us, and so we do too. I realized then that by looking out I was actually looking in. Finding in the cosmos, the enlightenment and knowledge we all carry inside ourselves.

-As above so below-