by learning the ways of Nature we achieve the balance in ourselves

I want to make art that shows clear truth and honesty. The world is so fucked up that I can only make art to make people feel connected and understood. Something to believe in, something that inspires a better behavior to ourselves and to our community.

Each piece serves as a reflection of our deepest emotions and thoughts, inviting us on a journey of self-discovery and connection.

These expressions, created with a contemporary vision through various techniques such as watercolor paintings, etchings and new media lead us to confront our own complexities and vulnerabilities. In a world marked by superficiality, "Portraits of Our Inner Landscapes" offer a space for authenticity and reflection, reminding us of the universality of the human experience.
Through the contemplation of these works, we find solace and understanding, discovering beauty and depth in the simplicity of each stroke and form. They remind us that amidst the chaos of existence, there is a sanctuary within ourselves, waiting to be explored, understood, and celebrated.

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Oriol Angrill Jorda's art collections are a different expression of his curated vision of figures and Nature. Using traditional tools such as watercolors and etching techniques, he explores the nature that exists between the line, color, and form. His work is precise and gentle, evoking in each piece a pleasant serenity that makes us stop and behold.

His work also appeals to an organic aesthetics based on natural elements, and with a precise and delicated combination of forms and shapes, each piece claims its own purpose.

There is no better way to explain my work than through the simple act of contemplation.

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- It is not easy to define his work, although realism is the constant, each work results from a unique and transitory process and theme. Depending on his experiences and his environment, he uses one type of technique or another, color or black and white: proof of constant and oscillating evolution.- 

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19 Nov 1986. Barcelona

He studied Illustration at Escuela Superior de Diseño in Palma de Mallorca, where he has grown. He continued learning engraving techniques and life drawing at the Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design and The Art Academy in London.

He has worked combining the world of illustration and the art world. Living with a constant duality has marked the a constant devolpment and research of his own style. A traditional and academic foundation is fused with the modernity of the new technologies he uses to create his own references. 
To him, the artistic trajectory is a continuous research and resilience to social and individual changes. The art must reflect these thoughts in all magnitude, from the quitest action to the most deep feeling.

2020 Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró, Palma.
2010-2011 Life drawing at Art Academy, London, UK.
2010-2011 Etching at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, London, UK.
2008-2010 Illustration at Escuela Superior de Diseño de las I.Balears

2023 Shortlisted XVII Bienal Internacional de Grabado “Josep de Ribera”
2023 Mural ArtFestival PortoPi | Mallorca.

2023 Exhibited work at Babbo | Mallorca.
2023 Etching series made at Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró | Palma.
2022 Nit de l'art'22 Showroom at Hoff | Palma.
2022 Mural at 6th Aftersun Festival | Malllorca.
2022 ArtVent Collective exhibition | Lloret de Vistalegre.
2020 PIAB 2021 | FIABCN Worldwide Artist Award Nominees
2020 Etching series made at Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró | Palma.
2019 Individual at La Casa Inundada | Sineu.
2018 Collective at Spoke Gallery | NewYork.
2018 Collection 'Stellarscapes' lightbox for Tui Cruceros.
2018 Feria Nacional de Artistas'18, Palacio Revillagigedo | Asturias.
2018 Collective 'The Color of Water' at Robert Llange Studios | Sout Carolina, EU.
2018 Mural Painting Nit de l'Art | Porreres.
2017 Bloomberg Markets Magazine Cover.
2015-2016 Research period. New tecniques exploration.
2014 T/6 - Collective (lithography) at Edicions 6A Obra Gràfica | Palma.
2014 “El Armario del Puro II” at Puro Hotel | Palma.
2013 GEOSMINA - Individual exhibition at Galeria ABA ART Contemporani | Palma
2013 “Affordable Art Fair Brussels'13” Galería Gaudí | Belgium.
2012 Collective “LePopUp” with “Retratos de Autor” | Madrid.
2012 “ST-Art Fair'12” Galeria Gaudí from Madrid in Strasburg | France.
2012 Individual “Retratos de Autor” at La Intrusa Showroom | Madrid.
2012 Collective “Tatto the Girl” en MUTUO Centro de Arte | Barcelona.
2012 Collective “CABINET EXHIBITION” en Islington Arts Factory | London.
2012 Colab with ARTamTam Imaging during Nit de l'Art'12 | Palma.
2012 Collective “Nobody Like(s) You” during “Nit de l'Art'12” at La Parada de los Monstruos | Palma.
2012 Collective “All In #1” at Galeria SKL | Palma.
2011 “ConPuntoRojo.com” en Sunset Club | Palma.
2011 Collective “Nobody like(s) you” during “Nit de l'Art'11” at La Parada de los Mosntruos | Palma.
2011 “Festival Internacional de Música Clásica de Sóller”, Casal i Museu de Sóller | Sóller.
2010 Individual at Tresorería General de la Seguridad Social en Islas Baleares | Palma.
2010 Showroom “El Armario del Puro” at Puro Hotel | Palma.
2010 Collective "Finestra Emergent IV" in collaboration with Associació PIC at Ambigú Bar | Palma.
2010 Jon Urgoiti Anticuario – Galeria | Madrid.
2010 Individual “Reflexión y Dispersión” at Parc de Canet | Esporles.
2009 “COOMMA” Collective at Galería Intersecció Art | Palma.

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