Echoes 3Trees II cream | monotype
Echoes 3Trees II cream | monotype
Echoes 3Trees II cream | monotype

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Echoes 3Trees II cream | monotype

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In its most basic sense, "echo" refers to the acoustic phenomenon in which sound is reflected and repeated due to the rebound of sound waves off a solid surface, such as a mountain, building, or any other structure.
Figuratively, "echo" can signify a repetition or reproduction of something, whether it be a sound, an idea, or a feeling, as if it were a response or resonance to something previous. It can also denote a reflection or reminiscence of something past or prior. In a more abstract context, "echo" may represent the continuation or prolongation of an effect, influence, or impact of something over time or in different contexts.

· Monotype Debossing&Embossing (inspired by the traditional embossing techniques)
· Size 70x50cm (27.5x19.6 inches).
· Paper Fabriano rosaespina cream 60% cotton 220gr/m². Acid-free.
· Hand signed
· Includes a Certification of Authenticity.

Monotype Embossing/Debossing
Monotype means that there is one unique print of each.
These series I've been working on are inspired by the traditional embossing and debossing techniques. Basically, you create an image in 3D on paper using different materials to create reliefs or depths.
Embossing is when you use these two dies, one on each side of a piece of paper. When you press them together, one die pushes the paper out, giving it this raised effect. And then, there's Debossing, which is like the opposite, instead of raising the image, it's pressed down into the paper, creating an indented effect.

In some of my pieces, I've actually combined embossing and debossing. You get this unique depth effect in the artwork, like the design is popping out and sinking in at the same time. It adds this whole new dimension to the piece that's just mesmerizing to see in person.

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