Mountain 6/10
Mountain 6/10
Mountain 6/10

Limited Edition

Mountain 6/10

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10 'brothers'
·Monographic Drypoint.
·Paper size 38x29cm (14.96x11.4 inches).
·Paper 100% cotton 250gr/m². Acid-free.
·Signed and Numbered. 
·Includes a Certification of Authenticity.


"Monographic describes a unique work produced using a single plate. I repeat the process to complete a serie of limited works based on the same plate. Each one of them is still a unique piece but within a limited number of units, I call them 'brothers'."

Drypoint is a printmaking process in which a design is drawn on a plate with a sharp, pointed needle-like instrument. The incised line or area holds the ink and creates the image. -

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