Op.V | Ligthbox
Op.V | Ligthbox
Op.V | Ligthbox
Op.V | Ligthbox
Op.V | Ligthbox


Op.V | Ligthbox

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· Size 60x74cm (23,6”x29”) *It can be customized, contact for further details.
· The artwork is printed on translucent methacrylate.
· Lightbox contains a battery and turns on and off automatically with a motion sensor.
· Wood framing in black and gold.
· USB connection to an exchangeable Power Bank.

As a result of hand-crafted work and technology fusion, this Lightbox series requires an extra slow and gentle process.
Therefore, it will only be accepted one at a time under commission.
The estimated time will take 30 or 40 days, approximately.


·Size can be customized and adapted to the space.
·Contact us to adjust details.