GEOFORMS the shape of wind

This collection explores the interaction between the human figure and the natural elements: wind, air, corrosion, and time. In this collection, geometric shapes intertwine with the fluidity of the wind and the erosion of time, creating a visual narrative that transcends the boundaries of humanity and the natural world.

Each piece is a poetic expression that captures the ephemeral essence of life and nature. Human figures merge with abstract landscapes, symbolizing the intrinsic connection between humans and their environment, while natural elements like wind and corrosion become metaphors for transformation and constant change.

It is an emotional journey that invites the viewer to reflect on the fragility and beauty of existence, as well as the interconnectedness between all forms of life and the elements that surround us. 
It is presented with watercolor & ink pieces and printmaking that is designed to grow indefinitely. Thus introducing into the project, the value of time and change.